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Techfficiency is a productivity and efficiency consulting company started by Brandt Pemberton in late 2014. His goal is to help people become more efficient and effective both personally and professionally. The idea is to simplify our daily tasks, automate where possible and learn ways to make our time more valuable and useful. Using tried and true productivity tips and techniques, combined with the technology that almost all of us own, the possibilities are endless. What would you do if you had just 1 hour more per week? per day? Thats our goal. Take control of your life by using the technology you already own, combined with time saving techniques and the help of new and popular time saving apps. Spend your time where you want instead of where you feel you have to. Call us today to learn more.

 A little about Brandt…
Brandt has had a love for technology since a very early age. His first computer was an IBM Clone running Windows 3.1! After graduating high school he got a job at a local Best Buy store and worked in computer sales for 2 years and his third and last year at Best Buy was spent at Geek Squad. In 2005, he and his business partner Mike opened an IT support company in Lodi, CA called Computer Impressions. They are approaching their 10th year in business and things are good.
Brandt has found a new technology interest, which he calls “Techfficiency”. It basically is making sure all your devices are working with you and for you instead of against you. It is making common tasks faster and more efficient by using programs/apps combined with productivity techniques such as GTD and Agile Results to be a productivity master.


Time is valuable and expensive. It should be carefully used and not wasted. If you could add just one more hour to your day, what would you use it for? Let us help you achieve your BEST self by removing the wasted time. Own your time, don’t let time own you.

Please give us a call to learn more about our services and how we can help you become more efficient and effective.

Thank you for reading,

-Brandt Pemberton